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Published by Rafe Blandford at 10:19 UTC, October 20th 2009

As part of my post Maemo Summit follow up I've been keeping an eye on what people have been saying about the event in blogs and other online media. In this news story you will find twenty or so links featuring a wide range of content an opinions from across the web. For those who were unable to attend the summit it should give you a good flavour of what the event was like.

As a reminder you can read the live blog from day one, two and three of the Maemo Summit for an as-live experience.

There are also a number of discussion threads on about the summit and more information the wiki.

From across the web

Here are a selection of links from blogs and media sites, which covered the Maemo Summit. If you've written something about the event that we have missed here, please leave a link in the comments thread.

  • Chippy, from UMPC Portal, provided a number of live posts from the Maemo Summit including this one, featuring a live unboxing of the N900 and this piece on Maemo 6.
  • On of my favourite blog posts is from the Maemo DP team, in which they share the story behind getting 300 N900's ready to give away to developers. When the loaner N900 announcement got made there was quite a bit of excitement - I don't think I have ever seen so many happy geeks in one place at the same time.
  • Ars Technica has an article of what's coming in Maemo 6, noting the support for multi-touch (capacitive screens), full portrait support and a complete platform security model. 
  • lbt, writing on his blog, gives an opinion on the Maemo 6 platform security announcements.
  • Alexandra Leisse, writing on the official Qt blog, shared the Qt team's view of the Maemo Summit and summarised some of the Qt related presentations.
  • Jos Poortvliet, writing on KDE News, shares his thought on the Maemo Summit and the N900.
  • Marius Gedminas shares his thoughts on his blog, including his first impressions of the N900.
  • Bert, on returning from the Maemo Summit, shared his thoughts on his blog.
  • Iago Toral gave a presentation on writing MAFW plug-ins for Maemo 5 and has shared some additional source cide examples and the slides of his presentation on his blog.
  • Raul Herbster, writing on his Forum Nokia blog, shares his thought on days one, two and three of the Maemo Summit.
  • Maemo News also provided useful summaries from day one, two and three of the Maemo Summit.
  • The PUSH N900 team were also at the Maemo Summit to promote their PUSH N900 marketing project. The project is seeking creative modification and hack proposals involving an N900.
  • Andre Klapper, who gave a talk on bug management, wrote about his views of the event here.
  • The Free Bird blog has some detailed coverage on the event in Portuguese. Google translations (to English) for day 1, day 2, day 3, Quake III on Maemo and Co-creation workshop (held the day before the main event).
  • Many Maemo Summit attendees have uploaded photos to Flickr with the maesum tag. They give you a good flavour of the event.



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