All About Maemo Podcast #1 - Maemo Summit

Published by Rafe Blandford at 11:41 UTC, October 17th 2009

We will be publishing the occasional podcast, here, on All About Maemo, talking about the Maemo platform and Maemo devices such as the Nokia N900. In our very first podcast Rafe discusses the Maemo Summit with Steve. Topics include the Qt port to Maemo 5, Maemo 5 UI, Maemo 6 concepts, open source as business model, platform security and much more. You can listen to the podcast by the using the embed in the full story, downloading the MP3 file, or subscribing to the RSS feed in a podcactcher. Read on for more details.

You can play the podcast below:

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All About Maemo Podcast #1: Maemo Summit report (38 minutes)

  • Introduction to All About Maemo Podcast
  • Maemo Summit:
    • Day 1: Maemo 6 concepts unveiled, 300 loan devices, Qt port to Maemo 5

    • Day 2: Open source as a business model, UI insight, Maemo 5 details
    • Day 3: Application from the community, Nokia applications, Maemo 5 architectural design, platform security
  • What's next for the AAM Podcast?

Got a question or a topic you would like us to ponder and discuss in the next podcast? Got some feedback from us (love it or hate it)? Would you like to be a guest on the podcast? Let us know - get in touch by email, Twitter or leaving a comment on this page.


What is a podcast? What is the All About Maemo Podcast?

A podcast in an episodic audio (or video) programme (show), which is delivered over the Internet using feed syndication (RSS). Think of it as a radio programme delivered via the web and you'll have the right idea.

The All About Maemo podcast will consist of audio programmes, usually of 30 minutes or less in length. Content may include round table discussion of a topic, reviews of software and hardware, reports from a Maemo or N900 related event, interviews and more. Let us know what you would like to hear.

We're not setting a regular schedule, at this point in time, but we hope to give you a new podcast approximately every two or three weeks.


Listen to this podcast on the Nokia N900

You can listen to the All About Maemo Podcast on the N900 using the Media player application. While you can download the MP3 files directly, or copy them to the device from a PC, the easiest way to regularly listen to the podcasts is to use a podcatcher program. Maemo 5 (and the N900) is fortunate to have a third party application in place - gPodder.

gPodder can be downloaded from the Maemo Extras repository. You can download and install gPodder via Application manager, although you may need to first enable the Maemo Extras application catalogue.


Once you have installed gPodder you will need to add the RSS feed for the All About Maemo Podcast to the application. Touch the 'Subscribe' button, then touch the 'Podcast feed/website URL' button and enter in the text entry field.

gPodder add feed

When new episodes are available (e.g. when you first add a feed, or a feed is updated), you will see the new episodes view, which allows to select which new podcasts you would like to download. You can also download episodes via the Podcasts list. From gPodder's main screen touch the 'Podcasts' button; a list of podcasts that you have subscribed to is shown. Touch the entry for the All About Maemo Podcast and you are taken to the list of available episodes. Touch an entry on the list to view more information about that episode. On the episode information screen you will see the title and short description (show notes) for the episode. To download the episode touch the title bar and then touch the Download button.

gPodder downloading

Once the podcast has been downloaded a Play option will be available when you touch the title bar. The downloaded episode will be played in the Media player application.

AAM podcast playback

You may wish to take some additional time to explore the features of gPodder. For example you can set the application to automatically check for new podcasts and, if you wish, download them automatically.


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