N900 previews and reviews from across the web

Published by Rafe Blandford at 10:01 UTC, October 20th 2009

Rafe presents a list of reviews and previews from around the web. I should point out that I'm not endorsing any particular third party review. Personally, I feel they range from the fair and insightful to the less reasonable, but it is always helpful to read a range of opinions, so as to be as informed as possible.

N900 (p)reviews and first impressions from across the web

Ewan from Mobile Industry Review posted his first impressions of the Nokia N900. It safe to say he was impressed and he makes an early prediction:

"If the N900 captures sufficient attention from the mobile developer community to at least get all of the favourites (and then some) ported on to Maemo… I think this is going to be a device to be reckoned with."

Ewan has also posted a couple of early videos. Ewan concludes by winding up iPhone owners (I think he's looking for a fight):

"It completely kicks much of the iPhone 3GS experience into touch. It makes the iPhone look like a Fisher Price ‘My First Phone’ with it’s multi-tasking brilliance."

Matt Miller shares his first impressions on Nokia Experts. Matt has also posted some tips and tricks for the N900 (gleaned from the manual) and also has some thoughts on his ZDNet blog.

"So far the T-Mobile 3G signal seems to be outstanding, the device feels pretty solid, the display looks great, the device is very snappy, and the HTML email looks fantastic on the large display. I am very happy to have my Exchange account syncing with an Internet Tablet and think this thing could replace a netback for getting lots of work done on the go."

Eldar Murtazin, from Mobile-Review, wrote the earliest preview of the N900 (bear in mind the date of the article and therefore the associated software version). Eldat himself notes that the article is based on "our first impressions and our misings about what is going to happen".

"But what I can say for now is that it's the true mobile powerhouse in every sense of this word, that comes wrapped in a very eye-candy and functional UI at that. It won't become a hit, but at the same time the N900 is a milestone both for Nokia and the industry that won't just go unnoticed."

Chippy, from UMPC Portal, has written multiple posts on the N900 on varying subjects including web browsing, what is the N900, video playback and more.  I was privildged to meet Chippy at the Maemo Summit, where we compared opinions and recorded a live podcast.

"The N900 is a catalyst and it just so happens that it’s good, is going to get better and is available to all of us who enjoy the ultra mobile computing experience. It’s another great option and as a converged, pocketable, voice-capable device, the best I’ve ever used. It’s a great catalyst!"

Staska from Unwired View shared his first impressions of the N900 and says that:

"The bottom line – I’m impressed. Very impressed. Really, really impressed."

Michal Jerz, from My-Symbian, had one of the earliest N900 previews on the web (before the Maemo Summit). He concludes:

"The N900 truly impressed me with its fantastic performance, stability, beautiful and advanced user interface, very high quality and full integration of telephony and Internet connectivity, fast and powerful web browser, great support for VoIP (especially Skype), high quality camera and video recording and, actually, almost everything else."

Ed Hardy, writing on BrightHand, shared his early impressions of the device:

"I was a long-time user of an earlier Maemo-based device, the Nokia N810, and I was surprised by how different the N900 will be from its predecessor. Fortunately, most of these changes seem to be improvements."

Micky Aldrige, writing on Nokia Users, has published a number of tests including video and answers to reader's questions.

"I managed to squeeze almost 9 hours out of the Preview N900, 70% medium to high usage, with constant wifi connection, bluetooth transfers, and music playing. 30% of that time, the N900 Preview was in standby."

rm42, writing on the an alien's viewpoint blog,talks about the dynamic potential of the N900 and compares it to some other popular smartphones.

"Now, I know this device is not for everyone. That is for sure. But, if you are interested in a smart phone/PDA, value freedom, and appreciate the possibilities that a device like this can offer, the Nokia N900 may be the device for you too."

Om Malik, writing on GigaOm, made a comparison to the iPhone and notes issues with the hardware and finds the N900 not quite consumer ready.

"If you have never used an iPhone, this is a pretty good device. In fact, a lot of folks in many parts of the world are going to find this device much more useful than say the N97."


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