The Phones Show 96 and PSC15 now live

Published by Steve Litchfield at 10:34 UTC, December 4th 2009

Live this morning are The Phones Show 96, embedded below but of only tangential interest here perhaps, featuring an extended news, an introduction to the Nokia N900, a user story taking in iPhone, Nokia N97 and HTC Hero, and AAS's kevwright giving his Top 10 iPhone apps. Also live is Phones Show Chat 15, the hour long weekly audio podcast, in which Tim Salmon and I talk about our Nokia N97-centric (seemingly) universe(!), about Podcasting, about the Nokia E72 and about implications from Nokia's Capital Markets Day.

You can subscribe to The Phones Show in Podcasting on your Nokia or Samsung smartphone by going into 'Directories', where it's listed as The Smartphones Show under 'Video'. Or by subscribing using these RSS addresses:

QVGA version, for phones: sshow.rss

VGA version, for desktops: sshowvga.rss

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