Ovi Store (mobile site) working on N900

Published by Rafe Blandford at 19:02 UTC, January 11th 2010

Ahead of an official availability announcement it seems that the mobile site version of the Ovi Store (store.ovi.mobi) is operational on N900's running the recently released firmware update (1.2009.44.1). A number of application and games are currently available for download. Content is installed via the Application manager, which is automatically launched when you tap a 'Download' button on the store. Read on for further details and screenshots.

It is worth noting that the Ovi Store has not officially launched for the N900, although we are expecting an announcement shortly.

Currently there is a limited selection of content in the Ovi Store. Some of the content is already available via the Nokia Applications repository (e.g. Documents to Go, Evernote, Facebook, and We:offset). The majority of new titles come from Offscreen, a well known Symbian developer, with most of the titles being direct ports of their Symbian^1 applications and games.

Ovi Store

Browsing Apps on the Ovi Store

Ovi Store Games

Browsing Games on the Ovi Store

Ovi Store

Content detailed information page (and download link).


Installing an application from Ovi Store via the Application Manager

Ovi Store is going to be the primary channel for commercial applications for the N900. However it may also include free applications. The maemo.org repositories (maemo.org) will remain the primary channel for open source and/or community led software for the Nokia N900.

So what should download? May we recommend you start with Angy Birds! Please do share your experiences and recommendation in the comment thread.

Hat tip to Moubail (first spotted the news here).

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