A beginner's guide to customising the desktop on the Nokia N900

Published by AAM Staff at 3:07 UTC, January 14th 2010

Yes, it's another AAM tutorial video for those who are new to the Nokia N900. This video shows how to customise the N900's four-screen desktop, and also includes an example layout at the end. The video can be viewed below.


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(You can also see this video on All About Maemo's YouTube Channel.)


As the video emphasises, this layout is just an example intended to provide ideas. If you prefer a different layout, go ahead and do it. :)

One major advantage of the N900's interface over previous versions of Maemo is the immense amount of desktop space to play with, as it stretches across four screens. And if you are the one choosing which items to place on each screen, the interface will probably be much easier for you to use.

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