Coming soon: N900 as a WiFi hotspot with JoikuSpot

Published by Rafe Blandford at 20:53 UTC, January 17th 2010

Software developer Joikusoft has announced, via their Facebook page, that 'JoikuSpot for Maemo OS' will be published soon. The software, which is already available for Nokia's Symbian devices, turns your N900 into a WiFi hotspot. Other devices, such as a laptops, connect to the N900 over WiFi, with the connection to the Internet provided the N900's cellular (3G) connection.

While the N900 can easily be used as a cellular modem for a single device (via USB tethering of Bluetooth networking), a key differentiator for JoikuSpot is that it allows multiple devices to connect to the 'hotspot' at the same time. Thus it is possible for a number of devices or users to share the same connection. Although, on the down side, it is worth noting that the use of JoikuSpot is much more battery intensive than cellular modem (tethering) usage.

N900 JoikuSpot

Here are the details from the Facebook photo:

For those lucky ones already having Nokia N900 we have very good news. JoikuSpot for Meamo OS will be published soon. The new version will include improved UI showing the actual throughput speed plus much more. Stay tuned.
Via: Twitter

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