Open Source Wordpress client for Symbian and Maemo under development

Published by Ewan Spence at 10:54 UTC, February 22nd 2010

Wordpress bloggers will be interested in the Open Sourced blogging client being developed for Maemo and Symbian using Qt. The blog for the client can be found here, along with the relevant downloads for the latest version. The software is still being developed, but you can get the latest builds and contribute to the project at

To get the app running you will need to install QT on your device first (download Qt v4.6.2 for Symbian from here), before grabbing the Symbian version. These are two regular SIS files which you install in the normal way. The .deb file for Maemo is also online, and again follows the regular route for installing on your Maemo device.

Qt Blogger Qt Blogger 

We’ll be taking a close look at this client over the next few weeks to see how it stands up to blogging while on the move, but after installing it, it certainly looks the part.

Qt Blogger Qt Blogger

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