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Published by Rafe Blandford at 22:11 UTC, June 1st 2010

The MeeGo related news from Computex continues to flow. Acer has said that it has MeeGo products on the way and Movial has launched its end-to-end MeeGo services. Meanwhile the eagle-eyed Chippy from Carrypad has spotted MeeGo based tablets from Wistron (W1) and CZC (P10T) on the show floor along with news of a MeeGo based distribution from Linpus. Read on for additional details on each of these items. 


During Intel's press event Gianfranco Lanci, CEO of Acer (the second biggest PC maker in the world), said that there would be MeeGo based devices coming from his company:

"Acer will be ready with MeeGo-based mobile devices," said Lanci. "MeeGo's open software platform will present our customers with another choice of a friendly, easy-to-use operating system. We are pleased to collaborate with Intel in our continuous drive to provide effortless technologies that empower people at work, home - anytime, anywhere."

Wistron W1-Tablet

UMPC Portal / Carrypad spotted the Wistron W1-Tablet on the Intel stand, which runs on the Moorestown processor, is about 15 mm thick and runs MeeGo. UMPC Portal have uploaded this video to YouTube, so you can take a closer look at the device.


Movial has issued a press release announcing the launch of its end-to-end MeeGo services for cross-platform and cross-architecture development. Movial will help device manufacturers integrate and customise their MeeGo products by providing expert consultancy services (e.g. custom application development, MeeGo hardware integration and optimization and addition of new services / components to the MeeGo platform). Movial also offer a number of white label applications - a versatile browser (IXS Browser), multi-platform widget engine (IXS Widgets) and a rich communications application (IXS Communicator).

"MeeGo is a game changer, and as a multi-architecture open platform covering the broadest range of device segments, it presents intriguing opportunities for device manufacturers who want to reach millions of users with new, innovative next gen devices," said Tomi Rauste, president, Movial Creative Technologies. "Competitive netbook, tablet, mobile device, in-vehicle infotainment, connected TV and media phone manufacturers requiring MeeGo design and integration support, need look no further than Movial’s highly skilled and experienced designers and engineers." 

Movial leverages its domain proficiency in Maemo, Moblin and Qt to offer device manufacturers immediate and unparalleled design and integration expertise for fast and easy commercialization of compelling devices and applications on MeeGo. Movial also announced its versatile Qt WebKit based IXS Browser, multiplatform widget runtime IXS Widgets, and award-winning Movial Communicator applications on the newly released MeeGo 1.0. Movial will showcase the applications at Computex on a touch screen netbook. "


Also on the show floor was Linpus Lite Slate Edition, which builds on Linpus's previous work with Moblin by making the move to MeeGo. Linpus Lite Slate Edition is a MeeGo based operated system, which is optimised for finger-touch usage. As with other MeeGo based distributions it will aim to add in additional applications and components and is aimed at ODM and OEM manufacturers.


Also spotted by Carrypad was the CZC P10T, which was running MeeGo 1.0 with the netbook user experience. 

CZC P10T MeeGo

Tablet from CZC running MeeGo [source: Carrypad]

The CZC P10T has been put together in conjunction with CS2C (China Standard Software Co., Ltd.), who today released a press release saying that they were working with Intel and CZC to launch a tablet solution based on Intel's Atom processor and the MeeGo software platform.

The CS2C tablet solution based MeeGo platform has many great features including the multi-touch, gesture operation of the new user experience, the multi-tasking in support of 3G, WIFI, WIMAX mobile internet and the support function for USB peripherals, camera and GPS. We believe that there will be good market response," said Li Bin, Director of Business Development, CS2C.

Carrypad also has some pictures of an additional MeeGo based tablet, the X3T, running an early version of tablet user experience. This tablet was used to in a demonstration showing the playback of 1080p video.


X3T Tablet running MeeGo [source: Carrypad]


Finally, PC World is reporting that Compal, the second biggest contract manufacturer of laptops, is spreading its bets on operating systems for tablets and intends to produce devices running Windows, Chrome and MeeGo.

We've also covered other news from Computex including Intel's demonstration of a MeeGo tablet, MeeGo based distributions from Novell and DeviceVM and an app store from Asus in a series of separate news posts.

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