MeeGo carries forward Moblin momentum with ten distros

Published by Rafe Blandford at 10:14 UTC, June 2nd 2010

We've already heard about a number of MeeGo 1.0 based distributions that are in the works, including offerings from Novell (SUSE), Linpus and DeviceVM (Splashtop). A fact sheet issued at Intel's Atom Software Summit reveals that there are more on the way from International Syst, Mandriva, Pixart, Red Flag (2), Turbolinux China and VietSoftware. This means that there are ten MeeGo 1.0 based distributions / products that we know about to date. 

These distributions / products are all based on the recent MeeGo 1.0 release, but they will presumably be updated as future MeeGo project releases roll out. The majority of them appear to be using customised UIs and/or applications built on top of the MeeGo netbook experience. This means they are largely aimed at netbook and tablet devices.

Most of the releases are continuations of existing Moblin projects, but they do demonstrate the healthy community interest around MeeGo and offer an opportunity for MeeGo to make its way into shipping products.

Here's a list of the projects and what we know about them:

  • DeviceVM plan to deliver Splashtop MeeGo Remix as a way of enhancing their near-instant on software products.
  • International Syst will deliver Metasys MeeGo, a MeeGo 1.0 based operating system with a youth orientated user interface created for the convertible Classmate PC
  • Linpus will deliver a MeeGo based version of its Linpus Linux Lite product
  • Mandriva has announced plans to ship Mandriva Mini, an 'easy to use' operating system based on MeeGo 1.0, which will be available in the second half of 2010. This builds on Mandriva's earlier work with Moblin.
  • Novell has announced SUSE MeeGo, which we wrote about here. It is targeted to netbook devices and Novell expects it to be pre-installed in a variety of OEM devices within the next year.
  • Pixart will deliver OS Rxart this month, it is based of the MeeGo 1.0 software platform and is targeted at several segments including digital TVs and education PCs. 

  • Red Flag Linux will deliver the MeeGo 1.0 based Red Flag inMini operating system for netbooks later this year. It was also demonstrate the MeeGo based Midlinux 3.0 for Intel Atom based handsets and tablets (suggesting the use of the forthcoming tablet and handset profiles of MeeGo). 
  • Turbolinux China has announced plans to deliver the GreatTurbo IVI operating system, using MeeGo technology, later this year.
  • VietSoftware will deliver Asianux Lite 2.2, a lightweight operating system for netbooks and entry level desktops based on MeeGo. It will be available later this month. 

Source: Intel fact sheet.

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