Telefonica to support MeeGo software platform

Published by Rafe Blandford at 10:52 UTC, June 2nd 2010

Telefónica has endorsed MeeGo by saying that it is working with Intel and Nokia to explore the ways in which it can use MeeGo to deliver innovative connected services to its customers. The company will be looking at the way content and services can be accessed from smartphones, netbooks, tablets and Internet connected TVs. Telefónica is the world's third biggest operator behind China Mobile and Vodafone. It controls networks in multiple countries primarily in Europe and Latin America under the O2 and Movistar brands.

Such announcements are partly window dressing with operators always looking for new opportunities. However it does suggest that MeeGo and its potential devices are attracting significant operator interest. Many operators are keen to offer converged service offerings (also referred to as triple play offering [mobile, ADSL, TV]) because of the revenue generation potential and, in theory, a greater degree of customer lock in (the theory being its easy to cancel a mobile subscription, but less easy if your ADSL and TV service is tied up in the same package).

Here's an extract from the press release:

The services could potentially include content and applications that can be accessed from devices such as smartphones, netbooks, tablets, and internet connected TVs for Telefónica’s wireline and wireless operations that currently reach over 265 million customers in 25 countries under the Movistar and O2 brands.

“MeeGo is fully aligned with our major initiatives to improve customer experience in the mobile and converged Internet spaces” said Vivek Dev, Group Director of Innovation at Telefónica. “MeeGo's cross-platform approach and its focus on enabling the fast development of innovative applications, combined with its open source nature, are clearly supportive to our goals of reducing complexity and harnessing the potential of next-generation converging services.”

Other operators

Telefónica's announcement follows similar endorsements from Telecom Italia and Orange earlier this year.

Telecom Italia:

Telecom Italia and Intel are announcing a collaboration to distribute next-generation online internet and TV services via the open source MeeGo software platform.

CuboVision® is Telecom Italia’s first MeeGo-enabled platform, a new multimedia broadband device that brings free and chargeable TV content to consumers’ homes over digital terrestrial channels. Additionally CuboVision® offers the main Web TV outlets, access to pay -per -view films, free and  chargeable applications via an application store and allows users to manage their own personal content including photos, videos and music.


Intel and Orange will work to increase the availability of Orange Signature Services, such as Orange TV and Orange Maps, which will be supported by the MeeGo environment. Intel and Orange will also work to harness the potential of a converging computing and communication’s platform enabling customers to enjoy services across multiple devices and screens.

Yves Maitre, SVP Devices, Orange Group.  “Our collaboration with Intel on the MeeGo software platform will not only ensure a broader choice in terms of screens and devices, but that customers continue to benefit from a consistent user experience delivered through Orange Signature services, including a customized home-screen they trust and recognize, the highest quality network and secure and simplified billing.”

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