N900 launches in India, also available in UK's Tesco

Published by Rafe Blandford at 11:12 UTC, June 7th 2010

The Nokia N900 has been formally launched in India; it will be available in select retail outlets, from June 9th, at a cost of Rs. 30,639. As part of the launch festivities Nokia held a mini-event where they show cased the N900's abilities and its open source credentials. In somewhat related distribution news the N900 became available in Tesco Phone Shops (UK) over the weekend (on a Vodafone contract at £30 per month). 

N900 Launch in India

Nokia held a launch event to celebrate the arrival of the N900 in India. As part of the event the N900's abilities, including applications form third party developers, were demonstrated to the assembled media. The Maemo Masters website was also launched as part of the promotional efforts.

Due to legal restrictions N900's sold in India will not include Skype functionality, although they can easily be reflashed to global software variants.

Vaibhav, from Maemo Central, has posted about the event here:

So first things first, the N900 has an MRP of Rs. 30,639 and will go on sale June 9 onwards but you can expect the real world price to be closer to the 27,000 rupee mark. Nokia has also promised that they will have  people in stores ready to help users setup and understand their N900 for the first time, they will guide you through email setup, homescreen and the like. If you have questions after the purchase as well, you can hit any Nokia Service Center for help. 

CJ, from ZOMG its CJ, was also at the launch event and shares his thoughts here:

Nokia India has finally decided that we are worthy of it’s presence, and released it here.

Tesco's N900

The N900 will also became available in Tesco Phone Shops over the weekend. Tesco is the UK's biggest supermarket; some of it branches include phone shops. The Tesco Phone Shops typically sell contract mobiles from all of the UK's major networks as well as Tesco's own brand mobile network. The N900 is available on a £30 per month contract from Vodafone (300 minutes talk time, unlimited texts, unlimited Internet). 

A Tesco Telco spokesperson comments: "We are delighted to welcome the N900 into our current portfolio of mobile phones as one of the most advanced mobile computers we now offer. The N900 marks a further step forward to providing our customers with a greater variety of choice at highly competitive price points."

Mark Loughran, Mananging Director, Nokia UK, adds: "This is further proof of the wide appeal of this much-praised device and this deal will bring this great computing experience into the hands of many more people."

The ranging of the N900 is the Tesco Phone Shop is noteworthy because it suggests that, despite it's niche status, there is still latent demand for the N900 in the UK market.

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