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Published by Rafe Blandford, Reggie Suplido at 12:29 UTC, June 30th 2010

All About Maemo is changing its name to All About MeeGo to reflect the creation of MeeGo, following the merger of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin. Our aim is to continue to inform, educate and entertain, through the provision of independent, comprehensive and high quality coverage of the MeeGo platform and ecosystem. Reggie Suplido joins All About MeeGo, who will run and administer the forums, which are soft launching today. Read on for more details. 

New name - expanded coverage

When All About Maemo was launched nine months ago it was clear that Maemo was set to become and important mobile platform. The merger with Moblin to create MeeGo means the future is even more promising.

MeeGo has the potential to allow the creation of products in multiple areas: netbooks, tablets, handsets, automotive systems and more. MeeGo has already received endorsements from a number of companies, MeeGo tablets and netbooks were demonstrated at the recent Computex show and Nokia has indicated that its future Nseries products will be MeeGo powered

We aim to cover all of these areas as MeeGo platform development continues and the first MeeGo devices emerge later this year. We'll continue to provide Maemo coverage, with a focus on the Nokia N900. The site will continue to evolve as we add extra features and strengthen our content provision.

We would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see. Please leave a comment on this news item, post in the forum or send us a message by email.


To co-incide with the name change we are adding a forum to All About MeeGo ( The forum will focus on providing a friendly community where end-users and MeeGo enthuiasts can discuss MeeGo and MeeGo powered products.

Reggie Suplido, with almost 10 years of experience running end-user enthusiast sites and blogs, joins All About MeeGo as the administrator of the new All About MeeGo Forum. Reggie is well known in the Maemo and MeeGo community as the primary forum administrator of and

Reggie has posted an introductory post on the forums, which gives details on some of forums the key features, here. We are soft launching the forums today, but they are very much a work in progress. We expect the structure, features, and appearance will continually change based on the community's suggestions.

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As well as visiting, you can follow our Twitter account (@allaboutmeego) and subscribe to our RSS feed, which is available as both a summary feed and a full feed. Further feed subscription options are available here

The RSS feed contains an entry for each piece of content that we post to the site. We use the Twitter account to let you know about new content, interact with our audience and live blog events.

If you have been following All About Maemo you do not need to  take any action. Your subscriptions will be automatically redirected.

Who are the people behind on All About MeeGo?

Rafe Blandford is the founder and editor of All About MeeGo. Rafe is responsible for overall site activities and content direction. He's been writing about mobile devices and open mobile platforms for years and is one of the leading independent experts on Nokia. Rafe is best known as the founder and head of All About Meego's sister site All About Symbian.

Reggie Suplido is the head of forums and community for All About MeeGo. Reggie has been running  end-user mobile community sites, such as 1SRC.comInternet Tablet TalkMaemo Talk, and Micro PC Talk, for more than a decade. He'll be running our new forum and contributing content on an occasional basis.

There are a number of guest authors who have been contributing content on a regular basis and will continue to do so. All About Symbian writers Steve Litchfield and Ewan Spence will continue to contribute content to the site.

You? We're happy to accept guest authors on All About MeeGo. Please get in touch if you are interested in contributing to All About MeeGo.

Send us your stories

Do you have an interesting story to share? Working on, or releasing a cool application? Published an interesting blog post? Seen something you think we should know about? Let us know, via e-mail or Twitter, so we can write about it on the site.

What is All About Symbian?

All About Symbian is a sister site to All About Maemo. All About Symbian (AAS) is the leading online source for news and information about the Symbian platform and Symbian based devices (e.g. Nokia N8, Nokia E72, Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Fujitsu F06-B, Samsung i8910). AAS receives more than one million unique visitors per month. 


Please note that this website is not, in any way, endorsed by MeeGo, Linux Foundation, Intel Corporation, Nokia Corporation or

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