Touch or keyboard, is there only one way to sort this out?

Published by Ewan Spence at 9:21 UTC, July 29th 2010

You may recall last week we pointed out Nokia’a Conversations Blog post crying out the virtues of the keyboard. Keeping the karmic balance, this week sees the touchscreen side of the debate step up to take a swing at the arguments. And then there’s Tomi Ahonen’s take on the debate.

Ahonen has, as usual with his discussions, gone into detail on the issue of “Touch v Keyboard” with numbers, market insight, and a well thought out conclusion. Here’s how he frames the post.

Touch screens are the hot story now. They also 'seem' more 'modern' and touch screens allow bigger screens in classic candybar phone form-factors (remember, the iPhone is also considered candybar form factor, ie it is not a 'flip phone' or a slider..). So any web browsing and screen-intensive experiences like watching pictures, videos and playing videogames are all experiences more vividly with larger screens. So lets explore this a bit deeper.

As with most discussions on something that is tightly entwined with user choice and a specific device, yet where the two choices are equally valid (Mac or PC, touch or Keyboard, ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64), temperatures will run high, opinions will be black and white, but the truth will lie somewhere in the middle.

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