MeeGo for IVI (cars) 1.0 released

Published by Rafe Blandford at 22:37 UTC, August 4th 2010

The first version of MeeGo for IVI (in vehicle information) systems has been released. Based on MeeGo 1.0, the Day 1 release of the MeeGo IVI UX includes a homescreen and taskbar for launching and managing applications, a sample navigation application, a version of the Fennec browser and various packages from open source automotive projects.

The software is still a long way from use in commercial products. However it does give device creators a skeleton on which to start building. GENIVI's recent adoption of MeeGo as their reference platform suggest there's a good chance that MeeGo IVI will make it into commercial products in due course (see more on why GENIVI chose MeeGo in this blog post on

From the announcement:

We are pleased to present this 1.0 release of MeeGo for IVI. As part of this release, we are including a sample IVI Home Screen and taskbar, using the included Qt framework, and designed with Automotive Center Console HMI requirements in mind. We have also included some automotive specific middleware components and a few sample applications, including sample navigation program (Navit) and a sample dialer application (BT-HFP Dialer) which uses Bluetooth and a paired phone.

The MeeGo IVI Day 1 User Experience includes:

  • Kernel version 2.6.33
  • Home screen and taskbar for launching and managing applications
  • Sample navigation (Navit)
  • Sample Bluetooth-enabled dialer application (BT-HFP Dialer)
  • UI for managing network connections
  • Fennec Browser is MeeGo's Qt based web browser for IVI
  • Packages from open source automotive projects are included for audio management, resource management, persistent storage management, CE device management, and system health management

If you are interested in trying out MeeGo for IVI for yourself there are instructions on the MeeGo site.

Here's a YouTube video showing the release running on an O2 Joggler (thanks to Mark from The Nokia Blog for spotting this):


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