International Syst releases Metasys MeeGo

Published by Rafe Blandford at 11:36 UTC, August 11th 2010

Last month International Syst announced the formal release of Metasys MeeGo, an operating system based on the MeeGo netbook experience software platform. It is designed to support the 'didactic requirements of the educational process' and to be 'used in the new generation of Intel powered convertible classmate PC'.

Metasys MeeGo

Extract from the press release:

The Metasys MeeGo is an operating system specifically created to support the didactic requirements of the educational process and the new generation of Intel-powered convertible classmate PC, an exciting, cost-effective education solution designed by Intel and produced and sold by an extensive network of local manufacturers and vendors supporting sustainability and local economies.

The new operating system has an innovative youth-focused user interface optimized for social media interaction. Designed to support 1:1 e-learning, Metasys MeeGo allows students to work together, exchange information, consume and create learning materials in a collaborative way.

Metasys MeeGo includes significant feature additions and improvements, including enhanced browser functionality and plug-in support, user interface enhancements, support for data connections, Bluetooth device management, an integrated application installer, and an educational media installer with greater performance and stability.

"It is with a huge pleasure and after a tremendous effort and commitment that we are launching the new Metasys MeeGo. The Metasys MeeGo is a revolutionary and totally new interface focusing in usability, entertainment and social networks. Besides this, the major challenge is to provide something different that can catch the students and the youth in general, providing them everything that they need in a unique and friendly interface, expanding their learning horizons.", said Paulo Neuenschwander Maciel, CEO of International Syst.

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