TAT's velvet UI demo running on MeeGo tablet

Published by Rafe Blandford at 14:22 UTC, August 25th 2010

TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), a company specialising in the creation and licensing of mobile user interfaces, believes that "tablets as a radically different type of device" and that this has important implications for user interface design. They have released a video showcasing their Velvet UI, a "playful cloth shader concept UI for MeeGo tablets", which has been developed in conjunction with Wind River. 

The area of user interface and user interaction on tablets is set to become a very hot topic in the next few years as more tablet products emerge. While MeeGo Tablet will offer a default UI, the touch UI framework is extendible and, in common with the rest of the platform, open source. This means it is very likely we will see a number of tablets running on MeeGo, but with customised UIs, especially on tablets designed for small vertical niches.

Device manufacturers will look to differentiate from their competitors by providing a custom UI. Operators will look to extend and encourage the take up of their multi-play offerings, by creating customised services and applications, for which UI and ease of use will be a very important element.

From the TAT blog:

On one hand we have companies that scale phone UIs to tablets. On the other hand we have companies offering the full blown desktop experience scaled down to tablet size. We believe that both of these approaches will result in crippled user experiences. For example, the tablet form factor is perfect for media consumption and this could be manifested in the UI. TAT recognizes tablets as a radically different type of device - personal and mobile yet powerful and creative. We are now on a quest to design fantastic UIs that are optimized for this device space.

TAT's Velvet UI demonstration video:

Does a re-scaled UI for mobiles or PCs make a good tablet UI? We think tablets are radically different types of devices that require new and unique UIs. Velvet is a playful cloth shader concept UI for MeeGo tablets by TAT and Wind River. With full support for 3D graphics and shaders, TAT Cascades enables astonishing UIs on MeeGo, Android and other tablet OSs.



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