Ari Jaaksi, VP of MeeGo Devices, resigns from Nokia

Published by Rafe Blandford at 12:29 UTC, October 5th 2010

Ari Jaaksi, the vice president of MeeGo device at Nokia, has resigned according to a report in Finland's Talous Sanomat (via Engadget). Jaaksi has been at Nokia for 12 years and has been one of the driving forces behind the adoption of open source at Nokia, one of the most profound underlying changes in Nokia's software strategy in recent times. The move comes ahead of the widely anticipated release of the latest iteration of Nokia's Linux based device.

After almost a decade as what was effectively an extended research and development project Maemo (now MeeGo) is moving towards the mainstream. Nokia is expected to announce the latest iteration of its Linux product line (effectively a hybrid between Maemo and MeeGo) shortly. The device has been widely referred to as step five of five in the development process of Maemo / MeeGo from research prototype to mainstream consumer device (a process covering the Nokia 770 Nokia N800, Nokia N810 and Nokia N900 devices).

This transition is also reflected in the integration of MeeGo devices into Nokia Mobile Solutions unit and the appointment of Alberto Torres as Executive Vice President, MeeGo Computers, earlier this year.

Jaaksi joined Nokia in 1998 and has held various positions including the head of Nokia's mobile browser development (1998 - 2003), more recently (2003-2010) has headed Nokia's open source activities around Maemo (now MeeGo), but has also been a major proponent for the use of open source more generally within Nokia.

The wide spread adoption of a belief in the open source philosophy within Nokia can, in part, be traced to the efforts of Jaaksi and the Maemo development teams. As a result both of Nokia's major open software platforms (MeeGo and Symbian), are open source and, more significantly, exist under robust governance structures. Nokia has also become a major contributor to numerous open source projects, with many notable contributions in projects upstream from the MeeGo platform and in the area of telephony in general.

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