Why is the Facebook Mobile Platform interesting?

Published by Ewan Spence at 13:49 UTC, November 10th 2010

There’s no doubt that Facebook is one of the key drivers of content on a mobile platform, and what Mark Zuckerberg has planned for his users will affect the mobile market. So Rob Jackson’s analysis of the announcement at the start of the month on the “Facebook Mobile Platform” makes for interesting background reading.

While it’s written with more than a nod to the Android OS strategy and story from Google, it raises some key points:

We don’t want to sell one little phone. We want Facebook to dominate everything social in the universe and one phone won’t do that. So instead, we’re giving developers a social toolkit so they can make Facebook stuff and become our salesmen.

Why would they go down the software route, why would the social network empower third parties, and why will their mobile platform be seen as a threat?  Jackson details all this at Phandroid.

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