MeeGo 1.1 SDK Beta Release

Published by David Gilson at 19:24 UTC, November 10th 2010

The MeeGo development team have just announced the release of the MeeGo SDK 1.1 Beta. The release includes Qt Quick for Javascript based rapid application development. However, the main component of the SDK of course Qt Creator, although command line functions are available too. With MeeGo 1.1 SDK, developers can create, install and debug applications to run on the N900 and Netbooks running MeeGo. Although for developers without reference hardware, QEMU is provided for hardware emulation. Read on for more details.

MeeGo report that the SDK is extensible and they are currently working on various plug-ins. The final version of the SDK will conform with the MeeGo compliance specification, and will include support for Microsoft Windows. Currently, the beta SDK will only run on Ubuntu Lucid or  Fedora 13.

MeeGo 1.1 SDK Beta

From the release notes:

Version information

MeeGo SDK components:

  • QtCreator 2.0.1
    • qt-tools 4.7.0
  • Toolchains
    • arm toolchain (cs2009q1 based)
    • ia32 toolchain (meego based)
  • MADDE 0.7.53
    • core sysroot (armv7l, ia32)
  • Emulator
    • qemu-gl
    • QEMU images
      • core (armv7l, ia32)
      • handset (armv7l, ia32)
      • netbook (ia32)

For installation instructions, see:

System requirements

Supported Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu Lucid (32bit)
  • Fedora 13 (32bit)

For QEMU, check the system graphics capabilities by following the instructions at:


David Gilson for All About MeeGo, 10th November 2010

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