Phoronix sets MeeGo against Ubuntu for netbooks

Published by David Gilson at 20:39 UTC, November 10th 2010

Phoronix, the well known review and benchmarking blog for Linux users, has published an initial comparison of MeeGo 1.1 versus Ubuntu 10.10 for netbooks. In this test they pitted the two Linux distributions against each other on boot time, power usage, 3D performance, MP3 encoding, and file system performance. Read on for a summary of their findings.

The hardware used by Phoronix was a Samsung NC10 netbook with an Intel Atom N270 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 32GB OCZ solid state drive (SSD). You can read details of the various software components used by each distribution in the introduction of Phoronix's post.

MeeGo performed favourably for both boot time and power usage. Phoronix measured MeeGo's boot time to be 12.92 seconds, significantly faster than the 17.52 seconds for Ubuntu 10.10. MeeGo was measured to only consume 11.615 Watts when at idle on the NC10, and Ubuntu consumed almost 10% more at idle, 12.745 Watts. Bear in mind that this was only a preliminary set of tests and more usage scenarios will be covered by Phoronix soon.

Multimedia performance was a draw. For 3D gaming, neither OS could be expected to perform particularly well, given the limited hardware. However, Ubuntu topped out at 15.57 frames per second on Phoronix's OpenArena v0.8.5 test, while MeeGo only scored 13.63 frames per second. MeeGo out-performed Ubuntu in the LAME MP3 encoding test though; only taking 141.27 seconds to encode their reference WAV file, while Ubuntu took 152.35 seconds.

The results of their file access tests were mixed. MeeGo uses the next generation Btrfs, while Ubuntu is using the now-established Ext4 file system. MeeGo performed better in their PostMark benchmark, but lost to Ubuntu in Phoronix's Linux kernel unpacking test.

Again, these were just preliminary tests, Phoronix will be doing much more in-depth testing soon. Also consider that MeeGo is still at an early stage of development - in which case these results are quite encouraging.

If you'd like to know more, please head over to Phoronix to see their charts and read their analysis.


David Gilson for All About MeeGo, 10th November 2010

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