Rafe and David on The Phones Show Chat - and an important URL change

Published by Steve Litchfield at 7:38 UTC, November 23rd 2010

AAS fans might like to note that our very own Rafe Blandford and David Gilson have been the guests on The Phones Show Chat podcast over the last two weeks, Rafe in chat 64 and David in chat 63, providing analysis with their own particular slant, notably with much mention of MeeGo, still prominent in the news following the conference last week, but also with masses of Symbian chat as well. Worth a listen to one of them over your lunch-hour? Also, see below for an important URL change for 3-Lib and The Phones Show - my old web server is disappearing up Sky's tailpipe at the end of 2010!

UKOnline, who have hosted my site (3-Lib) and The Phones Show for the last 15 years, are closing their doors at the end of December, following their purchase by Sky (boo, hiss...), which means that my web site has had to be transplanted onto its own server, now up and running on stevelitchfield.com. If you have any reference to the old 3lib.ukonline.co.uk URL in your site or blog roll, please take the time to change this as soon as possible.

Along with the site itself, the main Phones Show feeds have also had to change, of course. If you subscribe to The Phones Show in iTunes then, in theory, I've put the iTunes scripting in place to switch your subscription over. Though note that (as of show 120) you're only now seeing the low 'nHD' resolution of the show - the full HD version is only available (for obvious bandwidth reasons) on my YouTube channel. Ditto for The Phones Show Chat in iTunes.

If you subscribe to the video or audio shows through another podcast aggregator such as Nokia Podcasting then please note that you need to manually change the RSS feed addresses to:

http://stevelitchfield.com/sshow/sshowvga.rss - for the VGA width (nHD) version of The Phones Show

http://stevelitchfield.com/sshow/sshowmp3.rss - for the audio extract of the main show

http://stevelitchfield.com/sshow/sshowchat.rss - for the weekly Phones Show Chat audio podcast

The old site URL and feeds will work for the next month, but will then disappear into the ether (sob). So please take a moment to change anything that needs changing at your end.

Many thanks!

Steve Litchfield, The Phones Show and 3-Lib

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