MeeGo developer beta website launches

Published by David Gilson at 12:41 UTC, December 9th 2010

The MeeGo project has launched a new website for the developer community, Currently the website is in a private beta, but is usable and ready receive ideas and content. The new site already hosts a wide range of content. For example, developers will find guides for writing original code and for installing MeeGo on compatible devices. Also on offer are development tools like the MeeGo 1.1 SDK, and UI development guidelines. Read on for more.

To log into, the username is meego, and the password is developer.

For those interested in contributing to the MeeGo developer website, content will be approved and channeled from the MeeGo Wiki (source): will be released first as a beta site before public release. The goal of this beta is to get feedback about the usability and design of the site. A secondary goal is to create content, and content ideas for the site.

Of particular importance is the ease of use for the guides and references, and general navigation throughout the site.


In the short-term for the content ramp-up we will use a very lightweight process.

For content on the actual site:

  1. Create the content on
  2. Create a "Content" bug with the suggested location of the content, and some description text.

(Be prepared to handle feedback related to the content).

For content linked from

  1. Create a "Content" bug with a reason for linking the content, the suggested location of the content, and some description text


David Gilson for All About MeeGo, 9th December 2010.

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