Tomi Ahonen's Phone Book, statistics of the handset industry at Christmas 2010

Published by Steve Litchfield at 16:01 UTC, December 29th 2010

Tomi Ahonen is widely respected for his macroscopic analyses of the mobile world, so it's worth noting this latest publication, exclusively in PDF/ebook form for 10 Euros. A "companion volume" to his Almanac, the new "Phone Book 2010 gives you 171 pages all about the handsets part of the industry, with over 90 charts, diagrams and tables".

The TomiAhonen Phone Book 2010 discusses overall handset industry numbers like number of handsets sold, the market shares, the prices of handsets, regional differences etc. Then it looks at market shares of all phones, of smartphones and of dumbphones, as well as the market shares of the operating systems for smartphones. The Phone Book includes a whole chapter on the installed base of phones so if you need to know what features are common on phones worldwide, from color screens to GPS, from WiFi to Bluetooth and from memory card slot to media player, the numbers are there. There are 3G migration rates and cameraphone resolution migration rates etc. 

The Phone Book includes plenty of regional numbers including market shares of handsets, smartphones, operating systems etc by region, etc. There are useful comparisons of average sales prices regionally for all phones, smartphones and dumbphones, as well as an overall handset price pyramid. There is a chapter on smartphone app stats, and a chapter on the Digital Divide with a focus on handsets. There even are business overviews of the five biggest global rivals (by revenues) in handsets (Nokia, Samsung, Apple, RIM and Motorola) and illustrative charts of their recent sales performance and their regional footprints.

Here's Tomi's announcement of the book's publication, and here's the ordering page. Note that this is hot off the (virtual) press and that there's no automated delivery of the PDF or sample pages online yet.

Summarising Tomi's summary of the mobile market, it's instructive to quote his companion blog post, in which he draws on all his sources to paint a numeric picture of the mobile world right now. Here's an extract:

Smartphones Top 6 for whole of 2010
1 Nokia 35%
2-3 very close race between RIM and Apple, about 15% each
4 Samsung 9%
5 HTC 6%
6 Motorola 5%

Smartphone OS's Top 6 for whole of 2010
1 Nokia Symbian 39%
2 Google Android 21%
3-4 very close race between RIM/Blackberry and Apple iOS, about 15% each
5 Microsoft Windows Mobile and Phone 7 4%
6 Samsung Bada 2%

He also goes on to break the above down by region, but I thought it worth quoting the numbers again, if only as a counter to the ne'er sayers who say that Nokia and Symbian are 'dead'. 8-)

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