TechRadar gets hands on with Meego

Published by David Gilson at 19:07 UTC, January 12th 2011

As the momentum builds towards releases of MeeGo devices, TechRadar has taken a look at MeeGo on a an MSI netbook. It's  a very brief review, but encouraging to see other technology blogs start to pay more attention to the new platform. Of course, the netbook UI of MeeGo is still strongly influenced by its Moblin heritage, rather Nokia's Maemo. As TechRadar run through the various zones of MeeGo, they explain why they think this is a much compelling netbook operating system than its competitor, Google Chrome.

Read more about their opinion on the current state of MeeGo netbook UI and take a look at their photos by clicking here (and say we sent you!).


David Gilson for All About MeeGo, 12th January 2011

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