MeeGo Wiki shows how to install handset UI on the WeTab

Published by David Gilson at 20:21 UTC, January 12th 2011

There is a new guide on the MeeGo Wiki detailing how to install the MeeGo handset image onto the new MeeGo-powered WeTab. The WeTab is one of the few devices seen since late last year running a bespoke MeeGo UI, and is an 11.6" multi-touch tablet device. The WeTab is only available through a handful of retail chains in Europe, so the risk of bricking the WeTab in this process should be seriously considered . Only recommend for developers and the most enthusiastic of testers. Thanks to Quim Gil for the heads up on this one.

Again, this is strictly for those keen to test MeeGo images on a large touch device. From the Wiki entry there are the following issues with handset UI running on the WeTab.

  1. The touchscreen is unresponsive. (Presumably this is a driver problem.)
  2. 2. The UX launcher image does not utilize the whole display, which is unsurprising since Pinetrail is a handset image. (Presumably this problem is fixable with xrandr.)
  3. 3. The build comes with the ath3k driver rather than the ath9k one that the modem requires.

The Wiki entry also starts with this entry to emphasise the risks involved with this experimental process:

Warning: the Pinetrail image running on the WeTab has some problems as of 1/6/2011. See below. Warning: as with any other device, if you incorrectly reflash the bootloader and/or kernel, you may brick your system.

Here's a mock up image of what you should see after successfully flashing your WeTab:

David Gilson for All About Meego, 12th January 2010.

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