TwimGo moves to Qt QML

Published by David Gilson at 13:53 UTC, January 18th 2011

Here is a heads-up to anyone who uses the formerly WRT based Twitter client, TwimGo, on their N900. The author Tommi Laukkanen (@tlaukkanen), as moved development of his comprehensive Twitter application to the Qt QML framework. This means that we can hope to see it released for MeeGo and even perhaps Symbian^3. This is yet another great example of what can be achieved with the Qt framework. As seen in the video below (click through from front page), the 3D-like transitions are smooth and fast on the N900, with no discernible penalty for the overhead of Qt.

The significance of this switch is the potential portability, now that it has been rewritten Qt QML. Which is of course, the key benefit to using Qt frameworks.

For N900 users, there are some instructions to follow:

Note 1. Uninstall old version before installing new version

Note 2. Make sure that you have Qt Web Runtime on your Nokia N900 before downloading TwimGo. You can install Qt WRT by using Application Manager software on your N900.

Furthermore, the Qt WRT libraries need to be installed from the Extras-Devel repository on the N900 (reference).

David Gilson for All About Meego, 18th January 2011

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