Alien Dalvik sightings at MWC 2011

Published by David Gilson at 10:00 UTC, February 18th 2011

Following our recent story about Aien Dalvik, there have been sightings of the Android run-time environment running on a Nokia N900 at MWC 2011. Thanks to mobile bloggers Julien Fourgeaud and Steve 'Chippy' Paine, there are now independently produced videos of product demonstrations and interviews with Myriad's John Ronco. The videos show off how Android applications icons appear alongside native applications in the Maemo 5 app-grid. They also show off the Android Photoshop app running on the N900 and a HTC Desire, with apparently equal performance.

The Adobe Photoshop application used as a comparison tool for journalists at MWC was the same as shown in Myriad's demonstration video. It would have been reassuring to see other performance critical applications, such as Angry Birds, demonstrated with Alien Dalvik; Adobe Photoshop could be an optimal case. It would have been better to see a variety of computationally intensive comparisons to highlight how much, or little, of a performance hit Alien Dalvik incurs in everyday use.

Both videos feature John Ronco, the product manager of Myriad's Device Solutions department.

Here's the video from Julien Fourgeaud's blog post:

Below is the video from Steve Paine (of In the latter half, Paine questions Ronco about hardware support. Despite a slightly confusing answer, it is confirmed that Alien Dalvik will support whatever hardware is present on the device. Also, note that Ronco states Alien Dalvik is written on a per device basis. 

Given Nokia's parternetship with Microsoft, there is an uncertain time ahead in the MeeGo world, especially for companies who have been aiming themselves squarely at the MeeGo platform. Especially when we know Nokia will be releasing no more than one device this year, rather than a whole generation of MeeGo devices. However, seeing that Android is now expanding into the tablet space, and Intel are trying to produce a MeeGo tablet we may still see a place for products like Alien Dalvik. 


David Gilson for All About MeeGo, 18th February 2011.

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