MeeGo 2011 Spring Conference registration opens

Published by Rafe Blandford at 17:46 UTC, March 9th 2011

Registration for the MeeGo 2011 Spring Conference, which is being held in San Francisco on May 23rd, 24th and 25th, opened last week. The conference is expected to have a greater industry focus than previous events and will likely showcase some of the first commercial MeeGo products. The conference organisers have also recently issued a call for sessions proposals for those wishing to speak at the event.


The conference will take place after the release of MeeGo 1.2 (expected in April), which is expected to be the base for the first large grouping of commercial MeeGo products. A number of MeeGo products are already on the market (e.g. Amino Freedom, WeTab, Fujitsu Lifebook MH330), but these are based on the earlier MeeGo 1.0 or 1.1. versions.

About the MeeGo conference:

Hosted at the downtown Hyatt in San Francisco, CA, on May 23-25th, 2011, the MeeGo community looks to capitalize on its momentum. Positioned as an anticipated event for the future of open source mobile computing, on devices ranging from smart phones to in vehicle infotainment devices to netbooks and more, MeeGo 2011 San Francisco offers OSVs, OEMs, and other MeeGo project contributors a press-friendly stage to showcase their next generation devices and solutions.


Registration for the MeeGo Spring 2011 Conference is now available through the event's website. Further details are available here.

Call for sessions proposals

The call for session proposals are being grouped into four key areas: device/product development (product development stories, hardware adaptation, hardware platforms), app development (development stories, MeeGo API and SDK, localisation, design guidelines), platform development (architecture, platform tools, quality assurance) and MeeGo project process and progress (roadmaps, marketing, app stores, community building, documentation), but submissions in other areas are also welcomed.

More details of the event logistics are available on the MeeGo Wiki.

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