Linpus demos MeeGo based tablet solution at CeBIT

Published by Rafe Blandford at 19:21 UTC, March 15th 2011

Linpus, a provider of open source operating system solutions, demoed its MeeGo based tablet solution at CeBIT last week. Linpus have created a ready-to-go tablet solution, based around MeeGo, with a custom user interface and application suite. The solution is aimed at OEMs and ODMs who are looking to get a tablet product into the market as easily and as quickly as possible.

Linpus announced the solution, Linpus Lite for MeeGo Multi-Touch Edition, last November and has since been working to improve the maturity, performance and stability of the product.

Linpus have created their own user interface, with an emphasis on multi-touch interaction, on top of MeeGo; it includes an icon based application launcher / desktop and an additional desktop for organising media and social streams. Linpus have also developed a number of custom applications, which have all been written in Qt: E-reader, Media Player, Webcam, Media Sharing, Photo Viewer, Browser, Personalization and Virtual Keyboard. A number of these are shown in the screenshots below and further information is available on Linpus' website.

Linpus MeeGo  Linpus MeeGo

Linpus MeeGo  Linpus MeeGo

Linpus MeeGo  Linpus MeeGo

The solution is designed to be MeeGo compliant, which means it will be able to take advantage of the Intel AppUp store for additional thied part content.

Linpus is not delivering a device itself, rather it would provide its software to a device manufacturer looking to create a tablet product. The minimum specifications for such a device would be an Intel Atom (Pinetrail or Moorestown), 512 MB RAM, at least 3GB of storage (hard disk or SSD), a 1024 x 600 display, WiFi/Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.

Rita Jing, vice-president of sales, Linpus: 

"The openness and flexibility of MeeGo makes it a great choice for a tablet platform. We have worked extremely hard to ensure a fantastic experience around books, video and social networking, optimized for multi-touch."

Ram Peddibhotla, system software marketing director, Intel Corporation:

"MeeGo’s open and flexible software platform on Intel architecture gives mobile device manufacturers both the freedom and the powerful capabilities to deliver exciting user experiences. Linpus has an extensive track record innovating MeeGo-based operating systems for Intel Atom processor based devices, including netbooks, notebooks and now tablets. Intel welcomes Linpus’ latest MeeGo developments for the time to market opportunity they offer device manufacturers and the exciting multi-touch user experiences they offer consumers."

Source: MeeGo Zone.

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