Nominations for MeeGo Working Groups include LG and China Mobile

Published by Rafe Blandford at 17:54 UTC, March 21st 2011

As part of last week's MeeGo Technical Steering Group meeting several nominations to new Working Groups (WG) were approved. Notably these included nominations for LG and China Mobile to the Handset WG. Working Groups are governance structures within MeeGo, which are currently being formed, that will be dedicated to discussion around a specific vertical. Membership of a Working Group is meritocratic, with an emphasis on overall contributions to the MeeGo project and a commitment to create a MeeGo product in the specified vertical.

A number of other nominations were also approved:

  • IVI Working Group nominations for Pelagicore and Visteon were approved.
  • Handset Working Group nominations for Nokia, Intel, LG Electronics and China Mobile were approved.
  • Smart TV Working Group nominations for Amino, Intel, JetHead Development, Linux Foundation, Locatel, MIPS Technologies, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Telecom Italia , Videon Central and Ysten were approved.

Additional nominations to the different working groups are likely to be made in the months ahead. While it is to early to read much into memberships of Working Groups the nominations do suggest that LG and China Mobile have an active interest in using MeeGo in the handset space. 

The LG GW990 was a concept device shown off running Intel's Moblin software in 2010; it is likely this device or a related descendant will be updated to run a version of MeeGo. China Mobile is one of the world's biggest mobile operators and on its own could drive significant demand for MeeGo device. It is likely that the Chinese operator is interested in the open source MeeGo to counter balance the strength of some of the competing mobile platforms.

Working Groups

It is early days for the MeeGo Working Groups.  However in the future they will to become an important way for new features (requirements) to be specified and scheduled for addition to the MeeGo platform. In this sense the Working Groups will play a key role in road mapping the future of the MeeGo project. The Working Groups also play a similar role to the Technical Steering Group, which provides overall leadership and sets the tone, vision and direction for the MeeGo project, but providing expertise and insight within the specific verticals (Handset, IVI, Smart TV, Tablet).

Role of the Working Group:

The Working Groups are devoted to discussions related to their specific vertical and are accountable to provide input and guidance about market requirements. They are responsible for collecting market requirements from organizations and companies participating in the Working Groups. They identify gaps and develop requirements that detail the need for capabilities. The Working Groups do not manage the projects, but rather support product evolution by providing market requirements. A high-level description of some of the Working Group tasks include collecting market requirements and prioritize them, provide a compliance profile and a hardware profile for the specific vertical.

More information is available on the Working Group Process wiki page on and on the MeeGo Governance page.

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