MeeGo Conference keynote highlights time to market advantage

Published by Rafe Blandford at 19:07 UTC, May 23rd 2011

The opening keynote at the MeeGo Conference highlighted MeeGo's time to market advantage. Guest speakers from Nissan (IVI), 4tiitoo (Tablet) and Amino (TV) all noted that they had chosen MeeGo because it was open source and because it gave them a time to market advantage. However, with the exception of MeeGo 1.2 integration updates, concrete news announcements were thin on the ground, reflecting MeeGo's continuing position as a platform with future potential.

Notes from the MeeGo conference keynote

These notes come from a combination of the live stream, #meegoconf Twitter hashtag and the #meegoconf IRC channel coverage.

  • Jim Zemlin kicked off the keynote with a video highlighting 20 years of Linux and Linux Foundation. The Linux emphasis was repeated throughout Zemlin's portion of the keynote, reflecting the fact it is still early days for MeeGo and there are relatively few achievements or announcements to talk about.
  • Jim Zemlin did make a number of drum beating predictions: "MeeGo will become an unstoppable force that no one controls." "Hardware is going to be free in the near to almost immediate future." "Unless your name is Apple, Microsoft or RIM the only way you're going to bring a successful product to market is Linux".
  • MeeGo Conference Spring 2011 has more attendees than MeeGo Conference Autumn 2010, showing than the community is growing.
  • The top definition of what MeeGo is, according to the community, is: "Love, Courage and Change". 

  • Four companies, Red Flag Software, Linpus, 4tiitoo AG, and China Standard Software Company, have announced that they're each planning to incorporate MeeGo 1.2 into their new MeeGo-based operating systems." 
  • A common theme from partners invited to join the keynote was MeeGo's time to market advantage.
    • Tsuguo Nobe, Chief Service Architect from Nissan, came on stage to talk about the potential of IVI. He noted that "Cars are becoming like smartphones; they increasingly need a larger software footprint, more powerful processors, GPS systems and better connectivity options". The typical Nissan car now contains 5 million lines of code. Nissan are using MeeGo and open source because "it is going in the right direction for IVI" and the "time to market advantage [and availability of security]" that it provides, when compared to alternative solutions.
    • Tore Meyer, 4tiitoo's (WeTab) CEO, came on stage to talk about and demo the WeTab. 4tiitoo have chosen MeeGo because of a number of factors including: "open source, time to market and the Linux Foundation". He noted that, "we launched [the WeTab] in five months thanks to the base built by the community" and said that a MeeGo 1.2 based version of the WeTab OS would be available soon.
    • Amino came on stage to talk about MeeGo TV UX and show a demo of their set top box technology. Amino chose MeeGo because it "improved time to market".

Keynote at MeeGo conference

Jim Zemlin (Linux Foundation) and Tsuguo Nobe (Nissan) on stage. Image credit: Reggie Suplido  

  •    After a short break there were a series of conversations, with participation from members of the community. These included:
    • Discussion of Wayland being used for MeeGo Tablet UX. An experimental version will ship with MeeGo 1.3 (October 2011), with plans to mature the offering in MeeGo 1.4 (May 2012).
    • Demo of cross device contact synchronisation.
    • Discussion of localisation, with the possibility of crowd-sourced information.
  •  Jim Zemlin concluded by saying: "We are in the first 5 mins of a long game, but there is substantial investment in MeeGo".

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