Red Flag Software announces MeeGo based Tablet OS

Published by Rafe Blandford at 15:23 UTC, May 23rd 2011

Red Flag Software, one of China's largest Linux vendors, today announced that it plans to deliver a tablet operating system based on the MeeGo 1.2 release. In common with other MeeGo based solutions, it will use the common code base and UI building blocks of MeeGo, but will feature a user experience built by Red Flag Software. The operating system will receive its public unveiling at Computex next week.

Xingguo Shi, vice president of Red Flag, said:

"MeeGo will benefit our Midinux product line by spanning multiple platforms from Embedded devices to desktop computing. Midinux Tablet Edition offers ease of use and better finger operation on the device. To most of our customers, Midinux means rapid customization, commercial quality and seamless transition from now on."

Ram Peddibhotla, director System Software Marketing, Software and Services Group, Intel, said:

"MeeGo continues to gain momentum as evidenced by Red Flag’s commitment to creating Midinux Tablet with MeeGo v1.2. The MeeGo software platform gives developers a faster and easy way to deliver intuitive and compelling user experiences. MeeGo provides a world of opportunities for device manufacturers and operating system vendors alike."

Red Flag Software also announced that it plans to upgrade its MeeGo IVI products and Netbook inMini 2010 solutions to MeeGo 1.2. Red Flag currently have the first MeeGo IVI deployment with BlueStar systems in the Hawtai B11 and Geely EC8 cars in China.

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