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Published by David Gilson at 9:00 UTC, August 15th 2011

Nokia Conversations has been fortunate enough to have a prototype N9 in its office, with which the team have been busy taking screen shots of just about every aspect of the Nokia N9's user interface and its core applications. It's a two part series going into great detail about all the well known and not so well known aspects of the Nokia N9's software. Read on for previews and links.


Left: The application launcher. Right: The settings screen

The N9's SwipeUI has a distinctive and original style, with icons and fonts appearing to have very soft curves, getting away from the harsh pin-sharp fonts seen elsewhere. Also, did you know that swiping upward from any application reveals a quick launch bar? It has icons for the phone, SMS, browser, and camera.


Left: Receiving a phone call. Right: The quick launch bar

PIM functions look well catered for with a split-screen calendar view and a contacts application with options to import, export, and merge.


Left: Split-screen calendar. Right: Contact options


You can see and read about the full line up of N9 screen shots in part one and part two of the story over at Nokia Conversations.


David Gilson for All About MeeGo, 15th August 2011

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