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Published by David Gilson at 9:23 UTC, September 10th 2011

The Nokia Developers blog has announced a range of demonstration applications showcasing what can be achieved with Qt on the N9. There are fourteen applications to download, along with their source code for developers to learn how each was built. Many of the applications demonstrate how to utilise hardware interfaces. For example, the guitar tuner shows how to address the audio API, the compass application interfaces with the N9's magnetometer, and several games show how to interface with the accelerometer, all in Qt, Qt Quick and Qt Mobility. Read on for more.

Full details about each project can be found here.

Here is a summary:

  1. Sudokumaster
    Qt Quick game.
  2. Compass v1.1
    Magnetometer, Maps and Navigation API use.
  3. Qoat of the Hill v1.1
    Worms clone utilising the Qt GameEnabler framework.
  4. Guitar Tuner v1.3
    Qt Quick example demonstrating Qt audio.
  5. Qt Bubble Level v1.3
    Qt Quick example of accelerometer use.
  6. Moto Trial Racer v1.1
    Motorcycle game integrating QML with Box2D physics engine

  7. Match'em Poker v1.1
    An iOS game ported to Qt GameEnabler
  8. AirSwype v1.1
    Another example of accelerometer use.
  9. Qt Quick Playground v1.4
    A QML application to demonstrate the features of Qt Quick.
  10. QML RSS Reader v1.1
    Demonstrating RSS feed resources on the Internet.
  11. Solitaire Qt v1.7
    A cross-platform Qt C++ example.
  12. Qt GameEnabler v1.1
    A collection of interfaces that enable game engine development in Qt.
  13. QuickHit v1.2
    A Qt example showing how to use Qt Quick and Qt plug-ins to create multi-level games.
  14. DJ Turntable v1.3
    Demonstration of integrating Qt Quick with the Qt audio interface.


The blog post at Nokia Developers also shows a case study video of Qt development on the N9. It tells how Chinese social network, Kaixin, used Qt to develop a its N9 mobile client.


David Gilson for All About MeeGo, 10th September 2011.

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