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Published by Rafe Blandford at 14:23 UTC, October 5th 2009

Welcome to All About Maemo (AAM), an independent, online source for news and information about the Maemo platform and Maemo devices, such as Nokia's recently announced N900. Our aim is to inform, educate and entertain, through the provision of unique content, from a team of experienced and knowledgeable writers. We hope to deliver a range of objective content targeted at a wide audience, from consumers to developers and those in the mobile industry.

We're soft launching AAM (in beta if you prefer), ahead of the upcoming Maemo Summit in Amsterdam and the market release of the N900, and we want to hear your feedback. Read on for more details.

Soft launching / beta

We're soft launching All About Maemo, or, put another way, launching the site in beta, to reflect the fact that we're still evolving the content, design and make up of the site. However with the Maemo Summit this week and the market release of the first Maemo 5 device, the N900, just weeks away, we also wanted to start providing news, links of interest, opinion and analysis.

Currently we have news and features sections, but we will, over time, be adding further sections, such as reviews. 


We want your feedback!

All About Maemo is a young site and we would like to hear your feedback, comments and opinions on what you think we should be doing, or how we can improve. You can add your comments at the end of this page, or email us directly.

Alternatively you can talk to us at the upcoming Maemo Summit (Friday, October 9th to Sunday 11th). Rafe will be at the summit, where he'll be reporting for All About Maemo and learning about the Maemo community. Please do introduce yourself, and tell him about your Maemo-related projects and interests.


Who are the people writing on All About Maemo?

Tzer2 is the editor for All About Maemo and will look after day to day content on the site. Tzer2 has a long association with the Maemo community, and back in the days on the N800 ran the well regarded Internet Tablet School Blog. Tzer2 will also be masterminding a series of tutorials to help you get the most out of your Nokia N900.

Rafe Blandford is the editor-in-chief for All About Maemo and All About Symbian. Rafe is responsible for overall site activities and will contribute content to AAM on a regular basis. He's been writing about mobile devices and open mobile platforms for years and is one of the leading independent experts on Symbian. As an ex-tablet user he's looking forward to seeing where Maemo will go next!

All About Symbian writers Steve Litchfield and Ewan Spence will also be contributing the occasional piece to the site, especially as some of the things we discuss on All About Symbian are also relevant to Maemo audience.

You? We're happy to accept guest authors on All About Maemo. Please get in touch if you are interested in contributing to All About Maemo.


Follow and subscribe to All About Maemo

As well as visiting www.allaboutmaemo.com, you can follow our Twitter account (@allaboutmaemo) and subscribe to our RSS feed, which is available as both a summary feed and a full feed. Further feed subscription options are available here.

The RSS feed contains an entry for each piece of content that we post to the site. We'll use the Twitter account to let you know about new content, interact with our audience and live blog events.


Send us your stories

Do you have an interesting story to share? Working on, or releasing a cool application? Published an interesting blog post? Seen something you think we should know about? Let us know, via e-mail or Twitter, so we can write about it on the site.


What is All About Symbian?

All About Symbian (AAS) is the leading online source for news and information about the Symbian platform and Symbian based devices (e.g. Nokia N97, Nokia 5800, Nokia E71, Sony Ericsson Satio, Samsung i8910). AAS receives more than one million unique visitors per month.

All About Symbian is a sister site to All About Maemo. You might also like to know about another sister site, Ovi Gaming, which in the future will include coverage of Maemo games.


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